Strategy and the Fat Smoker

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Strategy and the Fat Smoker
Strategy and the Fat Smoker

The One-Firm Firm Revisited


This episode revisits five firms named in a 1985 article entitled “The One-Firm Firm”. We will discuss the differences in these firms and the pertinence of the article 23 years on.


chapter summary


00:35 – Introduction

01:47 – The changing landscape and the adapted firm

03:18 – What is it?

06:09 – The Warlord Model

08:38 – Twenty-Two Years On

13:08 – The Role of Leadership

15:33 – Size and Growth

17:15 – The Role of Selective Recruiting

18:43 – Alumni Management

21:11 – The Role of Lateral Hiring

23:30 – The Role of Compensation Schemes

25:18 – Review: The Importance of Trust and Loyalty

29:43 – The Stress of Boom Times on The One-firm Firm

32:37 – Summary