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Career Development

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Self-promoting and networking are sometimes the hardest thing for professionals to do. Learn tips and techniques to get past your resistance and tap into your potential for success in self-promotions in any context.

Blog Discussions

00:48 — Two examples of self-promotion from opposite ends of the spectrum

01:08 — The common awkward approach to self-promotion

01:46 — The alternative effective approach you can model

02:22 — How our personality affects our own self-promotion

04:11 — A short quiz on self-promotion

05:06 — readers on self-promotion

05:12 — Joerg Weisner on going against childhood conditioning

05:51 — Bryan I. Schwartz on the fine line at the end of humility

06:18 — Jordan Furlong on acting with class

07:53 — Heidi Ehlers on belief in a product or service as the fuel for promotion

09:21 — Shaula Evans on the analogy between self-promotion and cold calls

12:27 — Deborah Katz Solomon on offers vs requests

13:41 — Steve Roesler on delegating promotions to an expert