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Career Development

Managing Your Boss


How do you insure a proper understanding of the wants and needs of the client or boss who delegates the task at hand? Become skilled at RECEIVING the work assigned to you – and find the confidence to take the initiative to do the job right.

Blog Discussions

00:31 — Learning to receive assignments well

01:42 — 11-point checklist to clarify your assignments

06:21 — Tips from David’s readers’ on how to manage your boss

07:00 — Arnoud Martens: show respect

07:38 — The importance of taking initiative

09:19 — James Cherkoff: how to make your boss’s job easier

12:04 — Ken Hedberg: 4 tips on managing up

13:45 — Liz Zitzow: make your boss look good

14:50 — Shawn Callahan: match your boss’s communication style

15:30 — Brendan Connelly: commit to weekly status reports

16:03 — Kathleen DeFilippo: take responsibility

16:48 — A taking initiative success story