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Career Development

David Maister interviews John Byrne, Executive Editor of BusinessWeek


John Byrne shares the lessons of his personal career trajectory from business journalist to Fast Company editor to Executive Editor of BusinessWeek, and discusses how managing a knowledge-based company is similar to running a professional business.

Blog Discussions

0:46 — Making the career change from journalist to manager

2:02 — Byrne’s goals for a good manager

3:08 — Managers as friends vs. Managers as leaders

4:06 — Driving on-the-job learning with outsider feedback

4:26 — Performance reviews and manager accountability

6:09 — Building employee trust

6:44 — The social upheaval of changing companies

7:56 — Valuing intution as a manager

8:41 — Morale and community challenges of a large organization

9:44 — Being a manager vs developing managers

11:24 — The publishing transition to multi-platform content

14:13 — Driving innovation to better serve readers

15:26 — Adding value with new media consumption patterns

17:11 — How to maintain passion and excitement