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Two More Interviews

post # 142 — July 26, 2006 — a General, Managing post

There’s a couple of new interviews with me on my website.

The first is from a magazine called BUSINESS MANAGEMENT US (Q3, 2006). Here’s an excerpt:

“The best way to form teams in a business is not to say: ‘you guys are in the same department, therefore you will cooperate with each other’, because giving orders like that is just not very effective in human terms.

“However, if you go to your people and say: ‘I’ve got the following six projects that need to be done superbly well in the next year, does anyone want to volunteer for any of them?’, then the fact that people all joined in to the same team and put themselves in voluntarily is much more likely to get them to want to get on with each other – they self-selected to be interested in similar things.

“The trick of it is to unbundle the larger purpose of the total department and turn it into short-term, temporary projects, asking for volunteers, and then at the end of it, when the project is done, you redesign the next set of challenges for the business.”


The second interview is called “60 seconds with David Maister.” Here’s a snippet of that:

Q: I believe you love listening to music. Who is your all-time favourite artist?

A: The Bee Gees. Totally unhip. In and out of fashion. Determined to keep trying. I can relate.


Bill Peper said:

What a great interview with Business Management US! I have a fairly large daily distribution list and I will cut-and-paste that article tommorrow morning.

The Bee Gees over Ella—and you have over 200 of her cds? I should probably give the Bee Gees another listen.

posted on July 26, 2006

David (Maister) said:

Hold off on The Bee Gees for a while, Bill. I’m working on a “guide for the uninitiated” and will send you a copy soon (or paste it here.) They go / went through so many styles that different ‘eras’ tend to appeal to different people.

posted on July 26, 2006

Leo Bottary said:

Love the teams piece. Get people to volunteer to work with whom they want on an assignment they’re passionate about. It doesn’t get any better than that. By the way, nothing against the Bee Gees, but I’m a U2 guy!

posted on July 26, 2006

David (Maister) said:

Thanks, Bruce. I’ll miss Maurice too (very under-rated and misunderstood as to the nature of his contribution to the boys’ recordings.)

But I may have to be careful about allowing musical mp3 files to be added here. I may get tempted to post my warblings and then we’ll all be in trouble!

posted on August 10, 2006

Bruce said:

The Bee Gees “unhip”? Perhaps in a “hip” sort of way. I have found memories associated with their music—-memories I put down on paper and made this song out of:

When the Bee Gees Were Three

words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006



aka Dr. BLT

posted on August 10, 2006