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How to Move a Terabyte

post # 143 — July 27, 2006 — a Client Relations, General post

My latest article ADVENTURES IN MODERN MARKETING is now up on my website.

The article contains both the lessons I have learned in my own online marketing, as well as the generous and helpful advice I was given by those who participated in my blog discussion of this topic in June .

Among the topics I discuss are:

  • Helping busy people search
  • Online tracking systems
  • Nurturing the core community
  • Helping people help you
  • Gathering input
  • Becoming a more valuable resource
  • Word of mouth
  • Website navigation
  • Serving multiple constituencies
  • Participating in the broader marketplace
  • The role of traditional off-line marketing

I’m delighted to report that, since renewing and committing to my web presence in January 2006, site traffic and downloads have been growing and the results have been quite exciting. For example, by the end of July 2006 (i.e. in six months) visitors will have downloaded a terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of resources from my site.

In plain, non-jargon English, that’s the equivalent of 42,000 videos , or 74,898 podcast episodes , or 6,168,094 PDF articles (although, realistically, it’s actually a mix of each of those).

I really appreciate the contribution of my blog readers and their generous advice to this success.


Leo Bottary said:

Loved the article, but I do have one suggestion for you. I thought it interesting you would suggest to those unfamiliar with blogging to visit your blog first. Given that lack of time and ability to come up with fresh content are among the top reasons people don’t blog, I think you risk scaring the #$^% out of anyone considering taking up the sport. Most people can’t come close to doing what you do. I would suggest starting them off more slowly. Thanks for all your great content! I’m grateful you can do it.

posted on July 27, 2006

ocnsss said:

On personal opinion, I find this very helpful.

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posted on March 31, 2007

Doc said:

Arer there any articles on the Web about the lst topic?

posted on April 10, 2007