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TV Interview

post # 489 — January 18, 2008 — a Strategy and the Fat Smoker post

Yesterday, I had the interesting experience of being interviewed about STRATEGY AND THE FAT SMOKER on ABC News. There’s a 4-minute “live-to-tape” web-version of it here.

I was asked to cover the basics discussed in the book, so if you’ve been following my work, you won’t see new insights revealed. However, there’s some fun to be had looking (a) how the TV producer spliced in some footage to go with my comments, and (b) seeing me — after all these years — revealing some nervousness.

I do better in front of real human beings rather than staring, all alone, into a camera in a darkened room. I’ve been through the experience before, but I could still use a bit more practice. A pity that there are no chances to re-shoot on live television!


Shama Hyder said:

No worries David. Your video looks fine! = )

posted on January 18, 2008

Coert Visser said:

agree, it looks fine. you’re gonna be famous now

posted on January 18, 2008

Duncan said:

The interview is great.

It’s fantastic that the wider community is being exposed to your wisdom.

Great, David

posted on January 19, 2008

Gareth Garvey said:

David, You should not worry. It works. It will be interesting to hear if you can notice the additional hits on your site/sales of the book after appearing on ABC.

posted on January 21, 2008

Bob Brown said:

David, that was a great interview!

Watching you being interviewed on ABC to discuss your latest book, most people would laugh at your concern about your alleged nervousness problem. That was great, credible press for you and your book — and you even managed to get in a “when I work with organizations” comment.

As Gareth mentioned, please let us know if you notice any sort of increase in attention as a result of the interview.

posted on January 21, 2008