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Strategy and The Fat Smoker – New podcast episode available now

post # 486 — January 16, 2008 — a Strategy, Strategy and the Fat Smoker post

The second episode of my new podcast series, Strategy and the Fat Smoker, is now live and available for download.

This series is dedicated to exploring the themes found in my new book by the same name. Each chapter will be accompanied by an executive summary ebook covering the same material. I encourage you to forward these to friends and associates who may be interested in the topics covered. If you are already a subscriber to my podcast feed, this pdf will be available in your itunes.

This second episode, entitled Strategy Means Saying No, talks about one of the hardest things for a professional to do: turn down work. Everyone has their excuse as to why they shouldn’t have to, but undeniable fact is that you cannot build a differentiated practice or reputation by being a jack of all trades.


00:40 — Strategy is deciding whose business you are going to turn away

02:40 — Wickham Skinner’s concept of the focused factory

05:10 — Courage: The only competitive advantage

08:06 — Excuses And Risk Aversion

12:04 — Managing for the strategy, not the cash

You can download Strategy Means Saying No or sign up to receive new Business Masterclass seminars automatically with iTunes or other podcast players. My seminars are always available for download at no cost.

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