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September Top 5 Roundup

post # 208 — October 7, 2006 — a General post

Here are the Top 5 most popular posts of the month.

Help Me With My Strategy Please

If past blog posts are any guide, you folks seem to enjoy giving me advice as much as I like giving it to you, so now it’s your turn again.

Screening for Character

How do you really tell if someone is good with people? Is a team player? Is honourable, has integrity and is trustworthy?

How to Get Ahead: Lie and Cheat?

What happens if, in school and in the first job, we raise a generation of people who think lying, cheating and stealing are the ways you get ahead?

The Secret of a Great Marriage Is

This post is short, so click through to read my thoughts and the great answers shared by readers.

The Best Manager I Ever Had

Think back to the best manager you have ever experienced. Someone who got the best out of you, and the rest of your group, to stretch and to accomplish more, while also enjoying it more.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these stimulating discussions.

If you still have ideas or opinions to add in to these or any other discussions on the blog, please join in!

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