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Self Promotions – new careers podcast

post # 316 — February 26, 2007 — a General post

While learning to network is essential to your success, it is difficult for many of us (myself included!) to get comfortable with the topic of promoting ourselves.

In a previous Business Masterclass podcast episode, Cultivate the Habits of Friendship, I offered some thoughts on one slice of this topic by arguing that each one of us does indeed need to develop what I called friendship skills – the ability to earn relationships and build our network of people with whom we have sincere friendly relations.

In today’s podcast, Self Promotions, I dig deeper into this topic, examining why self-promoting and networking are sometimes the hardest thing for professionals to do, and exploring tips and techniques you can use to get past your resistance and tap into your potential for success in self-promotions in any context.


00:48 — Two examples of self-promotion from opposite ends of the spectrum

01:08 — The common awkward approach to self-promotion

01:46 — The alternative effective approach you can model

02:22 — How our personality affects our own self-promotion

04:11 — A short quiz on self-promotion

05:06 — DavidMaister.com readers on self-promotion

05:12 — Joerg Weisner on going against childhood conditioning

05:51 — Bryan I. Schwartz on the fine line at the end of humility

06:18 — Jordan Furlong on acting with class

07:53 — Heidi Ehlers on belief in a product or service as the fuel for promotion

09:21 — Shaula Evans on the analogy between self-promotion and cold calls

12:27 — Deborah Katz Solomon on offers vs requests

13:41 — Steve Roesler on delegating promotions to an expert

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alan hudson said:

posted on February 27, 2007

Jim Markham said:

Hi David,

Great podcast, you really hit on something with this subject. As an artist I find self promotion very hard to do, although my paintings have been successful commercially and I receive great feedback from clients I sometimes feel that I am shy about promoting myself, almost not worthy of praise.

I suppose because in a way I am the asset of my business it can be uncomfortable to put oneself forward into the spotlight and say “Look I’m an artist aren’t my pictures great” when you don’t feel like a great artist, just someone who has turned a hobby into a money earner.

I recently started a seperate venture selling Tshirts, I wanted to use Myspace to promote them so I created an alter ego as the boss of the company – Tommy Tshirt. This slightly ridiculous character has developed a life of his own and has become a great foil for me to post regular blogs and photographs of myself in disguise. This method works well with the lightheartedness of the products and the frivolity of the Myspace network.

I’m even considering doing a regular podcast as this character to build him up as a figurehead for the business.

I’d reccomend this method to anyone but don’t take it too far or you may well experience an identity crisis!

Jim Markham


posted on February 28, 2007

David (Maister) said:

Wonderful idea, Jim!

posted on February 28, 2007

gowri said:

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posted on November 2, 2007

David said:

Had a listen to your podcast, and thought it was very well executed. Thanks

posted on February 24, 2008