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New Podcast Series on Career Development

post # 235 — November 8, 2006 — a Careers, General post

Starting today, I am launching a new podcast series focusing on how to build your career as part of my Business Masterclass podcasts.

The career development series will cover topics relevant to success on every rung of the career ladder, including:

  • Drive and determination
  • Real professionalism
  • How to create a work life filled with what you enjoy doing
  • Making job choices
  • Investing in self development
  • Building friendship skills
  • Learning to earn trust and build relationships
  • Beginning to learn how to manage others
  • And many other subjects

As with my previous series on Marketing, Managing and Strategy, this series provides the opportunity to present to you some of my earlier work integrated with new thinking into a new narrative flow.

The first seminar in the series is entitled “It’s Not How Good You Are, but How Much You Want It.” It tells the story how my writing and consulting career “happened” and what I learned from those experiences — along with specific takeaway lessons to develop your own career.

My Business Masterclass audio seminars are always downloadable at no cost. You can download “It’s Not How Good You Are, but How Much You Want It” or sign up to receive new seminars automatically by subscribing to my Business Masterclass podcast series with iTunes or other podcast players. (Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to subscribe.)

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