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Finding Your Way Around My Website

post # 131 — July 12, 2006 — a General post

Starting today, I have added some new tools to help visitors find their way around my website.

My work tends to fall into four categories:



Client Relations


However, not all visitors may be interested in everything I write about, so I have made it easier for each person to hone in on the topics that interest him or her.

On every page (except the home page) you’ll find an extra navigaton bar (in RED) that gives you the option to sort through my site by each of the four categories above. You’ll see listed (with links) all the articles, blog posts, podcasts and videos that I have on that subject.

The home page provides the same ability with the navigational tools in the center of the page instead of on the tool bar.

The search function (at the top right of each page) remains the same.

I hope these changes help you get more use out of my materials, and discover resources here about which you were perhaps not even aware.

Let me know what you think, and please make any other suggestions for improving both the content and the navigability of the site.


Leo Bottary said:

I appreciate the update. I just watched one of your videos, which until now, I hadn’t quite realized were available on the site. I guess I fit the description of having discovered new resources. Thanks!

posted on July 12, 2006

Leo Bottary said:

One more point. I find the categories very helpful, especially when it comes to referencing previous posts. Since my blog is dedicated to client service, I look forward to gaining insights from your client relations posts.

posted on July 12, 2006