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New Podcast Seminar Series

post # 129 — July 11, 2006 — a General post

This week I posted the last episode in my free podcast series on Managing Professionals: Attitudes, Skills and Behaviors.

Starting next week (Monday, I think) I’ll be launching a new seminar series (still free) under the broad title of “David Maister’s Business Masterclass.”

The first series under this new title will be called “Strategy and Professional Businesses”, and the series begins with a seminar entitled “How to Create A Strategy.”

If you are already registered to receive my podcast series, then you need do nothing to start receiving the new series. However, if you haven’t prevously signed up for my podcasts, this would be a good week to do so, so that you can catch the beginning of the new 14-part series. You can subscribe by clicking on the podcast RSS link on my podcast page.

Oh, and if you know anyone else who could benefit from them, please spread the word about the existence of these free resources.

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