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post # 526 — April 14, 2008 — a General post

The Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association has just published a book entitled “The Lawyers guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together” It was written by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell

Here’s a list of the Chapter headings:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Collaboration at the Crossroads
  3. Collaboration Inside the Office
  4. Collaboration Outside the Office
  5. First Steps
  6. Benefits of Improving Document Collaboration
  7. Basic Collaboration on Documents
  8. Creating a Document Online
  9. Working Simultaneously on a Document
  10. Hidden Dangers, Security and Metadata
  11. Benefits of Collaboration in Lawsuits and Transactions
  12. Instant Collaboration – from Conference Calls to Instant Messaging
  13. How to Hold a Meeting on the Internet
  14. Simple Project Management: Basecamp
  15. Setting up a Simple Extranet or Deal Room
  16. Email as a Platform
  17. Sharepoint
  18. Extranets and Intranets
  19. Adobe Acrobat
  20. Wikis: Web Collaboration
  21. Other Web 2.0 Tools
  22. Specialized, High-End and Alternative Collaboration Platforms
  23. Must-Have Features for Your Collaboration Tools
  24. Collaboration Tools: Free vs. Pay
  25. Involving Clients in Your Decisions and Choices
  26. Determining Which Factors will drive your Strategic planning
  27. Getting the Word Out to Your Collaborators
  28. Ethics, Metadata and Other Practical Issues
  29. Ownership, Control and Other Legal Issues
  30. Potential Pitfalls: Where to be Wary
  31. Implementing Collaboration Tools
  32. Recommended Choices from Solos to Large Firms
  33. Creating a Culture of Collaboration
  34. The Future of Collaboration in the Practice of Law

All this in 250 pages plus some appendices!


free quote structured settlemen said:

I have gone through this book and i really like the Chapter 28 ” Ethics, Metadata and Other Practical Issues”. It really brings out exactly the issues that are faced in this stream.

posted on April 18, 2008

Jeroen de Miranda said:

Here you will find a good overview that might also give more insight into Web 2.0. It is created by Ed Yourdon, who is one of the ‘gurus’ in IT for many years now.

Although it is on the technical side, you can really get a feel of the most important platforms and trends in this area!

It is also interesting to see that this presentation is created using Web 2.0 collaboration tools (i.e. Wiki like tools); readers contribute and enhance the document!

posted on April 30, 2008