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Carnival of the Capitalists – Call for Submissions

post # 283 — January 14, 2007 — a General post

I will be hosting the Carnival of the Capitalists, the preeminent business blog carnival, this coming Monday, January 22, and I encourage my readers to send in your own articles for inclusion.

A blog carnival is a regular collection of links to blog posts, on a particular theme or area of interest. The Carnival of the Capitalists is a weekly blog carnival on the wide-ranging topics of business and economics offering readers a compilation of some of the best writing in the business blogosphere.

I hope my fellow bloggers here will consider sharing your best recent business and economics writing, and I look forward to sharing the results with everyone on Monday.

Carnival of the Capitalists Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline for submission is 3:00 EST on Sunday, January 21.

  • I greatly appreciate if you can send your submissions well before the deadline!
  • You are welcome and encouraged to submit blog posts by other people which you’d like to recommend as well as your own writing.
  • Articles on business strategy, managing, client relations and career development are especially welcome.
  • Click on this Carnival of the Capitalists Submission Form link to submit your article.

Carnival of the Capitalists Frequently Asked Questions

With your support, I look forward to showcasing your writing and presenting readers here as well as the Carnival of the Capitalists regulars with an excellent roundup of business blog articles.


Krishna De said:

David – thank you for sharing this – ‘ve submitted my post for consideration.

I’ve heard of blog carnivals but have never contributed before so your post has encouraged me to do so and I hope will encourage more engagement at my blog in 2007.

I have to say you seem to have that off to a tee! Well done.

Best wishes


posted on January 15, 2007

Jennifer said:

Thanks for this – I hadn’t heard of this carnival before, so it’s been an interesting read. I’ve submitted my post (even though it’s a bit left field for you, as is my blog) so I’ll be interested to see if you think it fits.

posted on January 17, 2007

Ellen Weber said:

David, the challenge is on! Thanks for the spark – I’ll be back when it ignites a few more concretes to make the post!

posted on January 17, 2007

Ellen Weber said:

David, thanks for this inspiration! I was really sparked by your topic and I’d written a post lately on some new research that shows how money messes with people’s minds.

Would that post work, since I am off to Ireland and may not get another written. It’s a bit crazy at the Center with a Europe trip so close – but I am interested in this topic!

This one I likned here, is closely tied to the brain based business concerns, and to your theme – so I think it may fit. What do you think?

posted on January 22, 2007