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Tribute to Peter Drucker (80 min) (2006)

Titled “Best-Selling Authors and Thought Leaders Pay Tribute to Peter Drucker” on the Microsoft LiveMeeting seminar site, this free online seminar featured a panel of distinguished thought leaders paying tribute to author Peter Drucker and discussing strategies for improving productivity, profitability and leadership. An extended question period at the end features thoughts from all the participants. The seminar featured: * David H. Maister, consultant and best-selling author of “Practice What You Preach” and other titles * Tom Peters, business consultant and best-selling author of “In Search of Excellence” and many other titles * Frances Hesselbein, founding president and chairman of the board of governors of the Leader to Leader Institute * Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D., consultant and best-selling editor of more than 20 business books, including “Coaching for Leadership” * John A. Byrne, executive editor of Business Week (panel moderator) Since this was a LiveMeeting presentation there were visual slides going along with the audio. You can download all the slides in pdf form or just the slides associated with my presentation.

download / listen to audio file -> Tribute to Peter Drucker