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post # 429 — September 10, 2007 — a General post

In Think of Work, the 22nd episode in this series, we are going to examine the issue of professional engagement and excitement. All to often professionals are doing tolerable work for tolerable people or worse, work that they dislike for people they don’t care about. The impact of this, not only on a personal level but in the marketplace, is staggering. We will look at ways to change this in your professional life.

Audio Timeline

00:40 — Introduction

01:08 — A survey on professional excitement: Does your profession excite you?

03:25 – A survey on professional excitement: Do your clients excite you?

06:04 — The importance of choosing work and clients that actually interest you

09:08 – Conclusion

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1 Comment

Sheryl Sisk Schelin said:

How very true. One of the underlying precepts of my work with other lawyers is that “inspiration” is rooted in authenticity and that is not found in cookie- cutter predictable paths and solutions. That kind of work simply enervates the soul. There’s no chance for excitement – let alone fulfillment. But that excitement is a good indicator that we’re on the right path.

I strive to help lawyers remember their own power to recreate their work and their lives for maximum fulfillment, instead of giving it away to what’s “expected” of them as I did for nine years and so many people do for far longer.

posted on September 11, 2007