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The Fat Smoker – new strategy videocast & audiocast

post # 355 — April 16, 2007 — a General post

In the fourth episode of my live video and podcast series, I dentify the link between what it takes to effect change in our personal AND professional lives. As you will see, it’s never that we are ignorant of what needs to be done, it is a question of having the determination and courage to put these behaviors into action as a way of life. This video is based on my article and podcast of the same name. It was filmed in Estonia in 2005.

Audio Timeline:

00:38 — Introduction

01:03 — The fat smoker

02:04 — The avoided inevitable: Eat less, exercise more.

03:35 — The courage to change

03:55 — Go to class, do the homework: The temptation of short-term gains

05:28 — Conclusion

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John Riutta said:

The Fat Smoker podcast was my introduction to David Maister. In the five minutes it took to listen to it on my drive home from the office I was hooked. The straight-forward and common sense approach taken by Dr. Maister to solving what are too often, and possibly mistakenly, seen as complex strategic problems is refreshing and very much appreciated. I am not only putting the idea into immediate practice at work, I also employing it in my continued pursuit of my MBA (where I and most of my classmates are “hitting the wall” nearing the conclusion of our first year.

posted on April 22, 2007