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Thanks for the memories

post # 252 — December 2, 2006 — a General post

We’re already into December, which means November’s gone (!), which means it’s time to thank everyone who joined in here during the past month.

Again, it’s been an interesting, interactive month, and I’m grateful to all of you.


Lora Adrianse, Jason Alba, Scott Allen, Stephanie West Allen, Tyler Allison, Andreas, Ann Bares, John Beck, Jim Belshaw, Leo Bottary, Breakingranks, Ed Brenegar, Duncan Bucknell, Tim Burrows, Paul Buseyne, Martin Calle, Tom Chandler, Colin, Robert Crampton, Dan, David, Jennifer Davis, Mike DeWitt, Bill Dotson, Lance Dunkin, Heidi Ehlers, Eric, David Ferrabee, Dean Fuhrman, Ed Gabrielse, Mike Gilronan, Paul Gladen, Michelle Golden, Marcel Goldstein, Mark Graban, Charles H. Green, Peter Gwizdalla, Isabelle Hakala, Ted Harro, Marc Hoppers, Amanda Horne, Lee Iwan, Ron K Jeffries, Juliet, Danielle Keister, David Kirk, Greatest American Lawyer, Steven Ledgerwood, Dave Lee, Ed Lee, Bruce MacEwen, Peter Macmillan, Manny, Marco Antonio P. Gonçalves, Susan Marshall, Arnoud Martens, A F Massari, Patrick McEvoy, Sharon McGann, Mel, Carol Metzker, Mike, Milan, Warren Miller, MillionDollarCountDown, Maggie Milne, Dan Murray, Arvind Nadkarni, Mark Needham, Erek Ostrowski, Yiannis Pavlou, Bill Peper, Jerry Van Polen, Steve Portigal, Russell Rensburg, Ric, Rob, Roman Rytov, Jon Sacker, Spencer Schmerling, Frank Schophuizen, Bryan I. Schwartz, Stephen Seckler, Shuchetana, Carl A. Singer, Andrew Smith, Sonnie, Mark Stevens, Tojo Thatchenkery, Fiona Torrance, Peter Vajda, Coert Visser, Michael Webb, Michael Webster, Alan Weiss, Ian Welsh, Susan Wittenoom, David Zatz

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And a special thanks to the kind bloggers who have written about my Business Masterclass podcast series in November.

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Since the holiday season is coming, get your participation in early during December. We wouldn’t want things to slacken off, would we?


Jason Alba said:

David – thanks for an outstanding, thought-provoking blog!

posted on December 3, 2006

Andreas said:

This is what I call walk the talk. How inspiring to others. You are “congratulating” those that contribute to your blog, via comment or trackback. This is how a company or individual is really getting closer to their audience!! Keep on rocking!!

posted on December 3, 2006