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Thanks for another season of engaging and intelligent conversations

post # 346 — April 4, 2007 — a General post

I am always delighted when we have ongoing conversations here in my blog. I’d like to express my gratitude by giving credit to everyone who has contributed these last few weeks with these sincere thank-yous for the month of March:


Adam, Jason Alba, Alex, Al Arnold, Arnold, Aron, Brad Attig, Richard Becker, Nagesh Belludi, Louise Berto, Harry Binswangaer, Wally Bock, Pawel Brodzinski, Bob Brown, Duncan Bucknell, Shawn Callahan, Martin Calle, Stuart Cross, Lance Dunkin, Francis M. Egenias, Heidi Ehlers, Anna Farmery, Bruce Follansbee, Fran, Jordan Furlong, Phil Garcia, Brenda Glover, Marcel Goldstein, Phil Gott, Mark Gould, Ted Harro, Ken Hedberg, Dennis Howlett, Irene, John, Timothy Johnson, Linda Julian, Frank Kanu, Britt Keener, Tim Khaner, David Kirk, Delaney Kirk, Ed Kless, Greg Krauska, Nicolas Kübler, John Labbe, Roland Lichti, Toby Lucich, Stephanie Lunn, Stephanie Lunn, Javier Marti, Matthew E. Johnson, Ph.D., Matthew Stibbe (Bad Language), Patrick Mauldin, Andre (Redbeard) Mazerolle, Erik Mazzone, Darlene McDaniel, Pat McGraw, Jim McHugh, Bob McIlree, Chris McLaughlin, Michael, Karen Morath, Nancy, Pamela, Steve Pashley, Shelly Phegley, Ponnuchamy, Dave Prouhet, Nick Rice, Ric, Steve Roesler, Rebecca Ryan, Sammy, Bryan I. Schwartz, Sean, Stephen Seckler, Mark Shead, Shelley, Silver, Chas Simpson, Sonnie, Mike Spack, Will Swayne, Kathleen OBrien Thompson, Tom “Bald Dog” Varjan, Cindy Tonkin, Penelope Trunk, Vishal Tyagi, Peter Vajda, Ashutosh Wakankar, Ellen Weber, Susie Wee, Peter Weldon, Ric Willmot, Mary Wynne-wynter, Liz Zitzow


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Javier Marti said:

Giving credit to the people who comment here was a great idea. Congratulations. I think gratitude is a great virtue. You are smart…


posted on April 5, 2007

Dave PRouhet said:


Wow, I agree with Javier, this is an excellent idea to do a monthly thanksgiving. Look for us to copy your idea and put a trackback giving you credit!



posted on April 11, 2007