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Thanks A Lot — And Welcome

post # 123 — July 3, 2006 — a General post

It gives me a great feeling to be able to acknowledge all of you who joined in the June conversations on this blog. My thanks to the following individuals…

Stephanie West Allen, Annette, Debra Bender, Rich Berger, Bud Bilanich, Eric Boehme, Leo Bottary, David Bourgeois, Mark Brady/four , Lou Brothers, Jean-Claude Brunner, Duncan Bucknell, James Bullock, Sebastian Carey, Elizabeth Cockle, Geoff Considine, DUST!N, Jennifer Davis, Mike DeWitt, Ahmet Dogramaci, Ron Evans, Brad Farris, Doug Fletcher, John Flood, David Foster, Edward Gabrielse, Matt Ginn, Michelle Golden, Mark Gould, Gordon Gray, Charles H. Green, Tim Griffin, Ted Harro, GL Hoffman, Dennis Howlett, Jol Hunter, S. Anthony Iannarino, Eric C Jaffe, John, Joscelyn, Kevin, Dennis King, David Koopmans, John Kottcamp, Mark Kraemer, Mark Lee, Bruce Lewin, Dave Lorenzo, Karen Love, Tim MMF, Bruce MacEwen, Mark Maraia, Lex McCafferty, Erin McCune, Jeff Merrifield, Mike, Warren Miller, Eileen O’Hara, Mike O’Horo, Bill Peper, Tim Percival, Bill Perry, Peter, Lars Plougmann, Lyman Reed, Ric, Roman Rytov, Jeff Sansone, Mike Sansone, Scott, Roland Shankles, Gavin Sheehan, Bill Sherman, Carl Singer, Carl Singer, Sonnie, Dan T., Kathleen O’Brien Thompson, Ava Thorin, Joseph Thornley, Charles Tippett, Stefan Topfer, Coert Visser, Michael Wagner, Curt Wehrley, and Ed Wesemann

and blogs…

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I’d also like to issue a special welcome to the new visitors who are joining us through ChangeThis.comChangeThis promotes thoughtful, provocative discussions about positive change and were kind enough to publish my article Strategy and the Fat Smoker for their subscribers this week.

New readers are welcome to subscribe to this blog by RSS or by email. You may also enjoy my free podcast masterclass series and my other articles. Finally, you can also sign up to be notified when I publish new articles.

I hope that new readers will join in with your comments and questions and I look forward to our conversation.

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