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Thank You for Making This Possible

post # 400 — July 3, 2007 — a General post

This is the time of the month when I pause to recognize and celebrate those of you who contributed to this blog. Your efforts and willingness to share ideas do not go unnoticed. I thank you for making possible another month of fruitful exchanges and I encourage you to continue posting comments here. We all enjoy the contributions.

Since the summer months are coming (in the Northern hemisphere), I am going to switch to posting a “Thank You” post like this every three months, instead of every month. That doesn’t mean any less (or less frequent) gratitude!



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Galba Bright at Tune up your EQ said:

Hello David:

Thanks so much for the link. Your Trusted Advisor book has guided my thinking, and hopefully, my behaviour, for many years.

posted on July 11, 2007