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Thank you

post # 82 — May 19, 2006 — a General post

I’d like to pause the proceedings for a moment to thank the growing community of friends who participated in the conversation here in the month of April with your comments and trackbacks.


1styearassociate, Stephanie West Allen, Angel, Annette, Debra H. Bender, Mel Bergstein, Friedrich Blase, Bren, James Bullock, Shawn Callahan, CarSinger, James Cherkoff, Curt, DUST!N, Ed Dodds, Doug Fletcher, Tristan Forrester, Edward Gabrielse, Michelle Golden, Andy Havens, Huda, Josh, Steve Kaplan, Rita Keller, David Koopmans, Moe Levine, Howard Lovatt, Karen Love, Bruce MacEwen, Greg Magnus, Markkleeberg, Mike O’Horo (“The Coach”), Mike, Rob Nance, Mike O’Horo, Orikinla Osinachi, Bill Peper, Ric, Roman Rytov, Jon Sacker, Tired Secretary, Carl Singer, David A. Smith, Nut Suwapiromchot, Charles Tippett, Ian Welsh, Mott Williamson

Trackbacks, for my readers who are non-bloggers, are a delightful practice peculiar to the blog world where fellow bloggers let you know when they are writing about your ideas–something like the blog world equivalent of an academic footnote. (For more details, please see the lengthier explanation of trackbacks I posted last month.)


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SoloBlawg by Ben Cowgill

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Thank you to all of you for contributing your opinions to these dynamic conversations.

And for those readers who haven’t left a comment yet, please consider yourselves officially invited! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and hearing your ideas, too.

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Stuart Jones said:

I spent yesterday evening trying to understand “TrackBacks” and eventually found an explanation which was so simple even I could understand it!


posted on May 19, 2006