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Sustaining the Momentum – new careers podcast episode

post # 328 — March 12, 2007 — a General post

It is not uncommon for highly successful people to have some low points in their motivation; finding themselves lacking the accustomed drive and energy that is necessary for continued excellence. It is important, however, to realize that burnout, the ‘imposter syndrome,’ and other causes of decreased performance should not be seen as the end of the road of high self-motivation, but rather understood as a natural process to which there may be concrete, productive answers.

Following on the last episode about Avoiding Procrastination, this week’s podcast episode Sustaining the Momentum discusses how to sustain the excitement, drive & enthusiasm necessary to keep building a successful career.


00:30 — An email on the difficulties of sustaining the momentum

01:30 — The commonality of the down time experience

02:45 — The motivational spiral: it works both ways

06:06 — Professionals and the Impostor Syndrome

08:20 — Simple rules for maintaining motivation amongst professionals

11:12 — Carmine Coyote on the underlying cause of burnout: the gap between expectation and result.

12:24 — Emotional self-control

14:46 — A valuable resource for managing and changing your emotional state

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Sandra said:

I’m not a highly successful person but still I have some low points in my motivation. I rely on David and his works. He’s a person who can help.

posted on May 10, 2007

Daniel said:

The work is a great success. When I read David I always know that it will help me. Thanks for everything.

posted on May 11, 2007

dailymirror bingo said:

i agree with daniel

posted on July 17, 2007