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Strategy and The Fat Smoker – New podcast episode available now

post # 494 — January 30, 2008 — a General, Strategy and the Fat Smoker post

The third episode of my new podcast series, Strategy and the Fat Smoker, is now live and available for download.

It is dedicated to exploring the themes found in my new book by the same name. Each chapter will be accompanied by an executive summary ebook covering the same material. I encourage you to forward these to friends and associates who may be interested in the topics covered. If you are already a subscriber to my podcast feed, this pdf will be available in your itunes.

“It’s Not How Good You Are But How Much You Want It” looks at how so many business career paths seem to be made up of sensical, well thought out steps to a pre-determined, ultimate position and how this is most often not the case. They are more often a conglomeration of experiments seen through by the drive and determination to find the next great challenge. The key is to sustain that drive and determination for a lifetime.


00:43 — Introduction

00:51 — A brief recount of my early career choices

06:11 — Finding your passion is sometimes a very long search

11:09 — Lifelong drive and determination: The key ingredients in career success

12:48 — Rebounding from failure and renewing efforts

15:34 — Conclusion

You can download It’s Not How Good You Are But How Much You Want It or sign up to receive new Business Masterclass seminars automatically with iTunes or other podcast players. (Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to subscribe.) My seminars are always available for download at no cost.

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