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Strategy and The Fat Smoker – New podcast episode available now

post # 543 — May 21, 2008 — a Strategy and the Fat Smoker post

The eleventh episode of my new podcast series, Strategy and the Fat Smoker, is now live and available for download.

The series is dedicated to exploring the themes found in my new book by the same name. Each chapter will be accompanied by an executive summary ebook covering the same material. I encourage you to forward these to friends and associates who may be interested in the topics covered. If you are already a subscriber to my podcast feed, this pdf will be available in your itunes.

The eleventh episode, A Great Coach in Action, tells and examines a story of exemplary coaching skills. Often, managers are content to rely on performance appraisals, cold criticism, and appeals to another’s sense of personal responsibility towards the organization in order to effect positive change in a persons performance. These approaches seldom work, as we’ve seen in previous episodes. In this episode we will describe an approach that does work: ensuring that those in managerial roles have the attitudes, skills, and behaviors of a skilled coach.


00:37 – Introduction

01:13 – An example of a great coach in action

05:29 – The lessons

22:26 – Last thoughts

You can download A Great Coach in Action or sign up to receive new Business Masterclass seminars automatically with iTunes or other podcast players. My seminars are always available for download at no cost.

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