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Site Upgrade

post # 153 — August 6, 2006 — a General post

Very shortly, I’ll be rolling out a major upgrade to my website.

Most of the changes relate to the engine that drives this site – the “under-the-hood” part of the website. However, visitors will also be able to notice a few changes, including:

Popular Posts – the blog will now include a list of the most popular posts, based on the number of comments, in the hopes of keeping this site’s liveliest conversations alive and accessible to new visitors;

Blog Comments – a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor will let you add basic formatting to your comments, including hypertext links; and, the new 2-click commenting process will help us remove the lag caused by comment moderation, keep the conversation on the blog more up-to-date, and at the same time keep comment spam in check;

Subscription Options – in addition to being able to subscribe to specific media on the site (such as blog posts or podcasts), I’ve now added RSS feeds to the 5 resource libraries, so that if you are interested in a specific topic, you can subscribe for notification of new materials anywhere on this site related to strategy, managing, client relations, careers, or other;

Feedback – the new feedback section on the podcast page lets you write a review of the podcasts on iTunes or Yahoo, or cast a monthly vote for the podcast at Podcast Alley (all of which I greatly appreciate).

As with any beta project, there may be some minor bugs at first, so I ask for your understanding as we work through any initial technical difficulties.

The end result should be a much more technically efficient site at my end and a much more pleasant experience, I hope, for you, the readers.

Thank you to the many readers whose input, feedback and suggestions are reflected in the coming site changes. Keep the good ideas coming. And I hope you enjoy the new version of the site.

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