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Passion, People and Principles

Sad Truths for Leaders

post # 299 — February 2, 2007 — a Managing post

I find that I keep needing to repeat these points:

  • Those you lead will never have a longer-term horizon than you do
  • Those you lead will never operate to higher standards than you do
  • Those you lead will never be more optimistic than you are
  • Those you lead will never live the vision if you don’t


Tim Khaner said:

I think this is a very insightful comment, echoing Maxwells “Law of the Lid”. And it works both ways – in the sense that followers not only aren’t able to exceed the limitations of the leader, those that strive to do better will leave in search of a better leader.

posted on February 2, 2007

Greg Krauska said:

David, these are sad truths for leaders who DO NOT remember these principles. These are wonderful anchors for those who strive to be great leaders. No one can live these principles 100% of the time. If leaders remember to call on their best when it matters, they stand a chance of being thier best – and being great leaders – more often.

posted on February 2, 2007

Andreas said:

David, it would be so incredible nice if this would be true. I find that in my work, I see leaders that have never learnt to lead in the first place, because no one prepared them for that. Which is probably because their “superior” wasn’t prepared at all as well.

Luckily, so, I realise that those that are new in the job have often an incredible broad view, and know what they want, probably caused by their exposure to the internet.

Be it what it is – I see leaders as those who are able to elicit the opinions of others, put them together in a big pot and understand the patterns between the different points from others, and find a way forward for a team and a company (or even a country!). They have to do this with an incredible amount of optimism and passion, for sure, because what is happening today causes a lot of those that are younger to drown in work overload, thus, might easily give in and up.

Always a pleasure to read your posts.

posted on February 5, 2007

Austin Bob said:

Great reminder of some simple but easily forgotten basics. Thanks.

posted on February 14, 2007