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Questionnaire to Monitor Supervision

Rate Your Engagement Experience

Please rate your engagement experience on a scale of 1 ( strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) on the following :

  • When tasks and projects were assigned to me, I understood thoroughly what was expected of me.
  • When they were assigned, I understood how my tasks fit into the overall objectives for the engagement
  • Help was available when I needed to have questions answered.
  • I received PROMPT feedback on my work, good or bad
  • When I was corrected me for something I did or failed to do, it was done in a constructive way.
  • I received good coaching to help me improve my performance.
  • I was kept informed about the things I needed to know to do my job properly.
  • I had the freedom to make the necessary decisions to do my work properly.
  • I was actively encouraged to volunteer new ideas and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Team meetings were conducted in a way that built trust and mutual respect.
  • In this engagement we set very high standards for performance.
  • I felt that I was a member of a well-functioning team.
  • My work made good use of my knowledge and ability.
  • This engagement helped me learn and grow.
  • My work was interesting and challenging.

You are Invited to Make Additional Comments Here:

Instructions: To promote your honest comments, you are not asked to identify yourself on his form. However, we ask that you send it, in a sealed envelope, to the practice head’s secretary who will aggregate your comments with others who worked on this engagement and with other engagements so that we can track our performance. In order to encourage response, we ask that you write on the outside of the sealed envelope your name and project number, so that the practice head’s secretary can monitor what responses have been received.

Questions for Coding Purposes:

  1. What is the project number of this engagement?
  2. What is your level/title?
  3. How many hours did you work on this engagement?
  4. Who was your immediate supervisor on this project?