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Questionnaire to evaluate group leaders

Feedback to the Group Leader

To provide feedback to the group leader, please complete the following questions. Indicate your agreement or disagreement, using the following scale: 1 = Strongly Disagree; 2 = Somewhat Disagree; 3 = Neither Agree nor Disagree; 4 = Somewhat Agree; 5 = Strongly Agree


  • Is more often encouraging than critical
  • Is accessible when I want to talk
  • Is fair in dealings with partners
  • Causes me to stretch for performance goals
  • Is concerned about long-term issues, not just short-term profits
  • Conducts team meetings in a manner that breeds involvement
  • Is consultative in his/her decision-making
  • Provides constructive feedback that helps me improve my performance
  • Is a source of creative ideas about our business
  • Gives me the freedom to set my own goals
  • Makes me feel that I am a member of a well-functioning team
  • Acts more like a coach than a boss
  • Helps me understand how my tasks fit into the overall objectives for the firm
  • Keeps me informed about the things I need to know to perform my role properly
  • Actively encourages me to volunteer new ideas and make suggestions for improvement of the practice
  • Helps me to grow and develop.
  • Encourages me to initiate tasks or projects I think are important
  • Is publicly generous with credit
  • Is prompt in dealing with underperformers in the partnership
  • Is good at keeping down the level of “politics and politicking”
  • Relates the total reward system (compensation, recognition, promotion) to job performance rather than to things like seniority
  • Emphasizes cooperation as opposed to competitiveness between work groups
  • Is effective in communicating with partners