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Questionnaire for Client Feedback

Client Service Questionnaire

For each of the following statements about our firm, please indicate whether you: strongly disagree (1); somewhat disagree (2); neither agree nor disagree (3); somewhat agree (4); strongly agree (5)

  • You are thorough in your approach to your work
  • You show creativity in your proposed solutions
  • You are helpful in redefining our view of our situation
  • You are helpful in diagnosing the causes of our problem areas
  • You staff my work well: there is enough senior time
  • You staff my work well: you don’t have high-priced people doing junior tasks
  • Your people are accessible
  • You keep your promises on deadlines
  • You document your work activities well
  • Your communications are free of jargon
  • You offer fast turnaround when requested
  • You listen well to what we have to say
  • You relate well to our people
  • You keep me sufficiently informed on progress
  • You let us know in advance what you’re going to do
  • You notify us promptly of changes in scope, and seek our approval
  • You give good explanations of what you’ve done and why
  • You don’t wait for me to initiate everything: you anticipate
  • You involve us at major points in the engagement
  • You have a good understanding of our business
  • You make it your business to understand our company
  • You are up to date on what’s going on in our world
  • You make us feel as if we’re important to you
  • You deal with problems in our relationship openly and quickly
  • You keep us informed on technical issues affecting our business
  • You show an interest in us beyond the specifics of your tasks

If a business acquaintance asked you about your experience with us, would you give us an unqualified endorsement?