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Relationships and Romance – new careers podcast episode

post # 290 — January 23, 2007 — a General post

Many people who say they want the benefits of romance still act in ways that suggest that what they are really interested in is a one-night stand — but it is clear that those who have a talent for building real relationships get more from the world. Building mutually-beneficial, mutually-supportive relationships is as important to your career as it is to your personal life.

My latest podcast episode, entitled Relationships and Romance, explores how to improve your personal and professional relationships with the Six Rules of Romance


00:31 — Understanding Relationships

02:02 — Relationships vs One-Night Stands

06:18 — The Six Rules of Romance

06:37 — Romance Rule #1: Go First

09:01 — Romance Rule #2: Express Appreciation

10:35 — Romance Rule #3: Listen (for what’s different)

12:32 — Romance Rule #4: Keep Asking

14:36 — Romance Rule #5: When You Need Help, Ask For It

17:26 — Romance Rule #6: Show an Interest in the Person

19:46 — An Exercise for Improving Your Relationships

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