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post # 57 — April 24, 2006 — a Careers post

Rajesh Setty has just released a free 40-page e-book called Personal Branding For Technology Professionals. Including both concepts and workbook materials, he advocates developing a personal career strategy including some of the following lessons:

Build your personal brand before you need it

Give and get a lot of help

Leverage all your projects

Practice patience

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

Who you are determines what opportunities open up

Balance is critical

It is not just technology professionals who would benefit from examining Raj’s thoughts.

For those of you who don’t know his work, he is the Chairman of CIGNEX Technologies, Inc (a Silicon valley company he co-founded in late 2000), the author of a fabulous book Beyond Code, and a prolific blogger.


Karen Love said:

I agree with the building of a personal brand..it is always a critical focus,but even more strategic if tech pro is within a professional services firm that is not necessarily noted for “tech” .. we are a perfect example for this with our CPA/Director Greg Price. The blog,fromgregshead.com is our way of “mavenizing” Greg…

posted on April 25, 2006

Karen Love said:

Approximately 10 years ago, I read the article in Fast Company Magazine by Tom Peters called, The Brand Called YOU.. It became the strategy map for a personal branding of myself in the Accounting Marketing Industry. This type of information is not dated. Thank You for bringing personal branding concept to the brain front with your specific targeting on TECH! We needed to be reminded.

posted on April 25, 2006