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October 5 Most Popular Blog Posts

post # 232 — November 4, 2006 — a General post

Here are the Top 5 most popular posts of the month. How Did You Lose Your Innocence?

I’m really interested: What (specifically) happened to you that made you lose your innocence about how business (or academia) was run? Guns for Hire

Do all firms have to end up just as gun for hire, doing it for anyone who will pay? If not, how does an organization avoid it?

Value Pricing

For each of thus, whether we are individuals or large firms, our challenge is “How do I make myself special, in ways that clients value?”

It’s THEIR Fault

At some point, when I am doing what I was hired to do and explaining how the people in my audience could perform their roles better, someone always sticks their hand up and says: “It’s not us, it’s them!”

What do Consultants Know?

As consultants, many of us give advice on things we were not trained in, and do not actually have ‘proof’ that what we advise is correct. We know less than people think we know.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these stimulating discussions.

If you still have ideas or opinions to add in to these or any other discussions on the blog, please join in!

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