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New Podcast Episode on Managing Your Career Assets

post # 258 — December 11, 2006 — a General post

Have you taken stock of your career “balance sheet” lately? Even if your career looks healthy and your income statement is great, you still need to worry about your assets — your skills and your relationships.

My latest podcast episode, entitled How’s Your Asset (based on a chapter from my first book Managing the Professional Service Firm), explores how you can continuously improve your career by developing new career assets instead of just milking your existing job skills.

  • 01:31 — Evaluating your career balance sheet
  • 01:54 — Knowledge and skill as a professional asset
  • 03:51 — Your other asset group: client relations and reputation
  • 04:47 — The measure of client relationships: quality vs quantity
  • 05:15 — The dangers of the career path of least resistance
  • 06:34 — Asset-building vs Asset-milking
  • 08:48 — Moving Towards a Solution: The Personal Strategic Plan
  • 09:08 — Make your skill set specific
  • 12:51 — Why counseling skills trump technical skills
  • 15:04 — Accelerate your asset-building
  • 16:49 — The four kinds of debriefing that promote learning
  • 20:31 — Five questions to plan your career

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