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New Edition of Ford Harding’s Classic Book

post # 506 — February 22, 2008 — a Client Relations post

Ford Harding has carved out a deserved reputation as one of the most highly regarded authors, trainers and consultants on sales in professional services. His books began with RAINMAKING in 1994, followed by CREATING RAINMAKERS in 1998, and then CROSS-SELLING SUCCESS in 2002.

Now he has issued a second edition of RAINMAKING, revised and updated. Here’s his chapter list:

  1. Writing and Publishing Your article
  2. Finding a Podium
  3. Marketing by Mail
  4. Organizing Seminars and Conferences
  5. Getting Publicity
  6. A Few words on the Web
  7. Eliminating the Dread of Cold-Calling
  8. Networking: The alternative to Cold Calling
  9. Special Rules for Special Networks: Trade associations, Formal Networking Groups and Internal Newtorks
  10. Increasing Network Quality
  11. How Markets Structure Networks
  12. From Networks to Leads
  13. Building Client Relationships that Last
  14. The Sales Meeting: The First Five Minutes
  15. The Sales Meeting: Questioning and Listening
  16. The Sales meeting: Offering Your Solution
  17. The Sales meeting; Formal Presentations
  18. The Sales meeting: Handling questions and Concerns
  19. Team Selling
  20. Shortening the Sales Cycle
  21. Writing a proposal
  22. Quoting a Fee
  23. Turning Down Small Work
  24. When You Lose a Sale
  25. The Logic of a Sales Strategy
  26. Simple Strategies that can Help You Now
  27. Self-Marketing: Experts Make Themselves
  28. Market-Based Strategies
  29. Conclusion: Becoming a Rainmaker


Even if you know Ford’s first edition, this second edition is a must-read!


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posted on February 25, 2008

Andrea Harris said:

Having got an advance copy of Ford Harding’s book I have to say I agree. I especially like his use of anecdotes to explain his points. His sense of humor helps make this an enjoyable read.

posted on February 25, 2008

Craig Klein said:

I ordered my copy! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

posted on February 26, 2008

Transfer of structured settlement payment right said:

Going through this book was a wonderful experience. Thanks a lot.

posted on April 17, 2008

Jesse Boland said:

I read Creating Rainmakers and thought it was a great book. I haven’t been in sales a real long time and I thought I wasn’t really cut out for it before I read that book. I learned that making sales is less about your personality type and more about how you make it work for you in a systematic way. I really enjoyed that book. . . it helped me generate more network marketing leads and sales from my business

posted on June 8, 2008