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New Case Study Discussion feature at BusinessWeek.com

post # 440 — September 28, 2007 — a Managing post

BusinessWeek.com has a newly launched “Managing Channel”, which replaces its popular Careers Channel. Among the terrific new features are interactive case studies which feature a story, a column, two videos, a reader poll and an opportunity for visitors to engage in substantive discussion of a real-life business case.

The very first case study zeroes in on a controversial management decision made by Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley, who skipped over 78 general managers with more seniority in making a key staff appointment without even consulting the rest of his management team. Lafley says “there was almost a revolt” over his decision. The case study includes an analysis by Noel Tichy, the leadership maven and University of Michigan professor.

It’s worth checking out!

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Herman Najoli said:

Thanks for the link. This is pure wisdom. I really like the decision. It’s clearly Leadership 101!

posted on September 29, 2007