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New Book from CPA Firm Consultant

post # 513 — March 6, 2008 — a General post

Normally, I’m not a big fan of business books written in the form of fictional fables. But there’s anew book by Gale Crosley (a consultant to CPAs) and Debbie Stover (a freelance writer) called AT THE CROSSROADS: The Remarkable CPA Firm that Nearly Crashed Then Soared.

It describes a small accounting firm with realistically-drawn issues based on all-too-human partner types. The managing partner of a friendly firm (the proxy for the consultant author) guides them through a retreat and planning process to turn the firm around.

What I like adbout the (well-written, well-paced) story is that it avoided idealism, drew attention to the tough choices that improved performance requires, and didn’t pretend (too much) to have a magic formula for success.

The book probably won’t appeal to big-frim types, but is relevant across a broad spectrum oof industries and professions.


navtej kohli said:

I have read a lot of business books, but when the books are written in the form of business fables it brings a new life to the book. The first business fable that I read was “who moved my cheese”. It was very entertaining. Thanks for informing about “at the crossroads”. I will surely read this one as well.

posted on March 6, 2008

Lawsuit Cash Advance said:

I love the Key Strategies given in the book to increase the revenue and for the growth of business. The idea is brought by a story setting that draws the reader into a dysfunctional team and then introduces a model that is employed to overcome the defects and produces a highly functional team. The book shows what it takes to grow a firm as well as the team member’s part in the process. It shows how to set the firm solidly on a high-growth path by using Crosley’s highly successful model for growth.

posted on April 18, 2008