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My new Maister Moments Videocast (and podcast) series

post # 338 — March 26, 2007 — a General post

Two weeks ago I posted the last episode in my free podcast series on Career development, which completes the cycle of my original podcast plans. To date we have a series on each of my main topic areas. While my podcast and I will be moving on to new frontiers, the archives of all the 4 previous series continue to be available from my podcast page.

Starting today I’ll be launching a new series (still free) of concurrent video and audiocasts called “Maister Moments: David Maister Live.”

Due to feedback I’ve received from the widely growing audience for my podcast series (many of whom access the site only through Itunes and other feed-readers), I’ve decided to syndicate the content previously available on my video page in order to better share these resources with my blog and podcast audience. Each episode will be broadcast on both my existing audio feed (audio only) as well as on my new videocast feed. I will also be posting each episode here on my blog as they are released. For interested clients I will also be offering these videos for sale on DVD from my videocasting page in the coming weeks.

The first episode of my new series is called On Strategy: Profit Formula

What are the factors that lead to ultimate business and financial success? In this video, I discuss how to identify the fundamental factors that drive this process, showing you the links between causes and effect that leads to profitablility.

00:38 — Introduction

01:11 — The sequence of consistent, superior client satisfaction

02:10 — The necessity of excitement and enthusiasm

05:08 — It’s not only profits; It’s also peoples lives

06:13 — The character of the manager

06:53 — Conclusion

If you are already registered to receive my podcast series, then you need do nothing to start receiving the new audio version of the series. However, if you haven’t prevously signed up for my podcasts, or are interested in receiving the videocast, this would be a good week to do so, so that you can catch the beginning of the new series. You can subscribe to either or both by visiting my subscriptions page.

Oh, and if you know anyone else who could benefit from them, please spread the word about the existence of these free resources.

1 Comment

Judy McLeish said:

David – I think your videocasts are very relevant, especially as more and more companies are trying to determine the best way to make a customer service experience “stick”. Too many of them are occassionally good versus systematically consistent.

Thank you for your insights.

Judy McLeish

posted on April 5, 2007