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Marketing to Existing Clients – new client videocast & audiocast

post # 410 — July 31, 2007 — a General post

In Marketing to Existing Clients, the 19th episode in my live video and podcast series, we’re going to look at four types of marketing and relative R.O.I. probabilities for each. We will also examine why most professional firms choose the least probable investment for their non-billable time.

Audio Timeline

00:40 — Introduction

01:27 — Investing in existing relationships vs. new sales generation

02:40 — Four places in marketing for non-billable time

03:54 — An R.O.I. comparison of non-billable hours

10:07 — A real world example of the merits of relationship building as non-billable time

14:23 — Why we choose the lowest probability marketing actions

17:19 – Conclusion

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1 Comment

Duncan Bucknell said:

Thanks for all of your great podcasts / videocasts.

I’m really interested to hear everyone’s suggestions about how to make sure the firm focuses on the right activities.

I’m a solo consultant, so it’s easy – I just make sure that I record the time that I spend accurately (basically in your 4 categories – which are a subset of what I call my ‘specific marketing’ category to differenciate it from ‘broadcast marketing’ (blog / articles / public seminars etc) which is allotted even less time.

Apart from recording systems, how do you get a firm to focus on current clients who recognise a need?

posted on July 31, 2007