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Managing Your Boss – new careers podcast episode

post # 295 — January 29, 2007 — a General post

Managing the boss is a critical skill that everyone needs to learn early in our careers, but most professionals neglect — to their regret. Once you master the art of managing your boss, you can enjoy your job more, experience less stress and ambiguity about your assignments, and increase your career success.

My latest podcast episode, entitled Managing Your Boss, explores specific suggestions to help you take more initiative and excel at your assignments to improve your work relationship with your boss.

In this episode, I am also pleased to include several excellent tips on managing your boss that were sent in by readers of this blog. I would like to offer a special thanks for their contributions to Arnoud Martens, James Cherkoff, Ken Hedberg, Liz Zitzow, Shawn Callahan, Brendan Connelly, and Kathleen DeFilippo.


00:31 — Learning to receive assignments well

01:42 — 11-point checklist to clarify your assignments

06:21 — Tips from David’s readers’ on how to manage your boss

07:00 — ArnoudMartens: show respect

07:38 — Theimportance of taking initiative

09:19 — James Cherkoff: how to make your boss’s job easier

12:04 — KenHedberg: 4 tips on managing up

13:45 — Liz Zitzow: make your boss lookgood

14:50 — Shawn Callahan: match your boss’s communication style

15:30 — Brendan Connelly: commit to weekly status reports

16:03 — Kathleen DeFilippo: take responsibility

16:48 — A taking initiative success story

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Aina-David Adewunmi said:

please can we get a workshop or seminar on the bove topic

posted on October 15, 2007

parvathy said:

please send me the summary of the topic”managing your boss”

posted on November 22, 2007