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Managing Works – new managing videocast & audiocast

post # 359 — April 23, 2007 — a General post

In Managing Works, the 5th episode of live videocast and podcast series, I will provide you with a personal example of outstanding management practice. The ensuing analysis contrasts this example with the more common modes of management within companies. The result is clear: helping people to perform to their fullest is not about critique. It is about helping people to realize their own goals and motivating them to attain them.

The content is based on my article A Great Coach in Action.

Audio Timeline

00:40 — Introduction

01:03 — An example of fabulous management skills

06:04 — A comparative analysis of exemplary management skills vs. common management

14:31 — Conclusion

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1 Comment

Michael Hjerth said:

Hi David,

I truly enyoyed this video and the article. It was stunning how close this coaching is the solution focused approach. I would describe it as using what I call commitment-questions. These are questions that invite a commitment, and make it impossible to not accept the commitment. When the person has made the commitment, the boss can then hold you accountable for it. The good coach or manager then asks follow up questions to help the person plan next actions. When you simple give a person an order, there is no garantee for commitment. And when there is no commitment, you cannot really hold the other person accountable, and then you have no control as a manager. I a nut-shell it is often more effective coaching to invite commitment than to give instructions. In the next weeks my blog will contain some stuff about commitment questions. Now, there is a lot about the art of compliments there. Feel free to take a look.


posted on April 26, 2007