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Last Podcast Episode on Strategy

post # 216 — October 17, 2006 — a Strategy post

This week I have posted the final episode in my 14-part strategy series of podcasts. The final episode, based on the closing chapter of my book PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, is called “The Courage to Manage.”

The central argument of the final episode is that the key to strategy is having good managers who can create a sense of ‘insistent patience’ — Rome doesn’t get built in a day, but we ARE building Rome.

My Business Masterclass audio seminars are always downloadable at no cost. You can download “The Courage to Manage” or sign up to receive new seminars automatically every week by subscribing to my Business Masterclass Series with iTunes or other podcast players. Or you can subscribe right here by going to davidmaister.com/subscriptions.

After this week, I will be taking a few weeks’ break in issuing podcasts, in preparation for the launch of a new 15-part series on CAREERS, which will begin in mid-November.

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