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post # 106 — June 14, 2006 — a Careers post

I talk often about the incredible role that Kathy, my wife, has played in my professional success – she’s a good coach, and a wonderful person with whom to talk things through.

Now it’s my turn to be supportive.

Kathy is in the process of launching a web-based business teaching novices how to cook – through short videos to be downloadable onto iPods, so that they can be carried into the kitchen, to the supermarket, and so on.

It’s all still in development, but you can see some short video-clips of Kathy talking about here idea at startcooking.com and read about the ongoing saga of bringing it to fruition in her new blog .


Kathy (Maister) said:

David, thanks for the plug! I need all the help I can get!

All you non-cooks as well as the gourments are welcome to come say hello.


posted on June 14, 2006

Bill Peper said:

I enjoyed the videos. I do, however, like mashed potatoes from a box (about the limit of my cooking expertise.)

Looking forward to enjoying your cooking tips.

posted on June 16, 2006