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January Top 5 Roundup

post # 301 — February 4, 2007 — a General post

Thank you to everyone who contributed to make these posts the most linked and discussed ideas in the month of January.

What a Company Needs Most

This discussion of the most important key ingredients for an organization stands out for eliciting some outstanding comments from readers.

Can We Be Manipulated?

A great discussion on how to discern between convincing hucksters and actual trusted advisors.

Politics Part II

Readers weigh on on how to cope with, or avoid, office politics.

How Polite Are You

Readers report that they are a very polite group of professionals in this discussion on replying to phone calls.

Managing Up

A collection of great ideas from readers on how to deal with a less-than-perfect boss. (Don’t miss out on Managing Your Boss, the careers podcast episode based on this blog post as well.)

If you still have ideas or opinions to add in to these or any other discussions on the blog, please join in!

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