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Interview with me about Blogging

post # 87 — May 24, 2006 — a Careers, Client Relations, General post

Coert Visser in the Netherlands has been kind enough to conduct and publish an interview with me about blogging. It can be found at http://www.managementsite.com/contents/articles/495/495.asp

This is the first part of an interview, so watch Coert’s site (which is in both Dutch and English and contains much of interest) for more to come.

I have also placed a copy of Coert’s interview, along with many other interviews with me, on the “About David ” part of my website.

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karen love said:


It is true that we don’t know the real results of professional services participating in blogs..However with our first attempt, we have gotten traction in areas we didn’t anticipate. For example, the biggest issue in ACCOUNTING is people—the lack of.

In our college campus recruiting, we find that our “edgy blog” attracted interest and gave the potential interns a flavor for a culture that appeals to our target. This is on top of actually driving two clients to us since the release several months ago.. The Human Capital aspect substantiates “worth it” opinion in regard to our participation with blogging….This point would tend to sway even the most skeptical of our industry.

posted on May 25, 2006