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post # 150 — August 3, 2006 — a General post

2006 People's Choice Podcast Awards Nominated Podcast badgeI am thrilled to announce that my podcast series, David Maister’s Business Masterclass, is included in the final voting slate of nominated podcasts for the 2006 People’s Choice Podcast Awards contest as one of the five finalists in the Best Business Podcast category.

In the preliminary nominations round, a review committee selected the finalists based on the criteria of sound quality, delivery, show format, and show content, as well as 50% of the score allocated to the number of nominating votes.

So, I must give my heart-felt thanks to the friends and listeners who have surprised me by voting for the podcast during the nomination process. Given that I only launched the podcast series six months ago, I didn’t expect to even be nominated for the Podcast Awards, let alone find myself a finalist!

I’m NOT asking you to vote for my podcasts in the final round – I fully expect another to win, and don’t believe in futile activity.

What I hope you will do is to support the cause of podcasting (and yourself) by checking out the other nominees for Best Business Podcast:

I’d also love any feedback in my planning for the future: If you are already a podcast listener, what do you look for in a podcast? And if you don’t listen to podcasts yet, what would it take to make podcasts enticing for you?


Mike DeWitt said:


Congratulations! As for what I look for in a podcast:

1) Interesting/relevant topic to my interests

2) New insights/stories on that topic

3) Entertaining/engaging speaker (and interviewee, if applicable)

4) A takeaway that I can use myself

5) Length of 10-20 minutes so I can listen to the whole thing in one commute.

Your podcasts generally score well in each category. With respect to interviews, I prefer ones in which the interviewer and interviewee debate ideas rather than strict Q&A.

posted on August 3, 2006

Leo Bottary said:

Congratulations David!

posted on August 4, 2006

Todor Christov said:


I am very happy with your success. I will check the other podcasters as you sugested, but hope that you’ll win!

In podcasts I’m looking to hear someting which cannot be just written. Something which has a reason to be said. Something special.

posted on August 5, 2006

Anna Farmery said:

Really well deserved. From a fellow podcaster who understands how much work goes into keeping them fresh and alive! Excellent content will always win through….

posted on August 5, 2006

Kosol S. said:

Congratulations David!!

Your podcasts, articles and your books have guided my business life to the right direction.

Thank you so much and hope you’ll be awarded.

posted on August 6, 2006