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I’d like to thank the academy

post # 322 — March 4, 2007 — a General post

With the entertainment industry spilling over with award ceremonies in the past few weeks, there have been a lot of thank you speeches flying around. Well, I’m taking my turn to thank the academy, too.

Following on yesterday’s post about the audience participation that drives the top 5 posts of the month, I’d like to take a moment to offer a genuine and heart-felt thank the many people who comment and link here, and also the “silent participants” who may not leave a comment but are loyal readers, for your support and engagement in the month of February. You truly make up an academy of passion, people, and principles.


Susan Abbott, Roma Ahuja, Greg Anderson, Andreas, Basquette, Richard Becker, Harry Binswanger, Austin Bob, Wally Bock, Pepita Bos, Jerk Bosses, Bob Brown, Eric Brown, Duncan Bucknell, Shawn Callahan, James Cherkoff, Chuck, Geoff Considine, Ctd, Krishna De, Kathleen DeFilippo, Deborah, Chris Denny, Stephen Downes, Lance Dunkin, Francis M. Egenias, Heidi Ehlers, Eoecho | Greg Magnus, Christopher Marston, Esq, Jordan Furlong, Tom Future, Adrian G., Edward Gabrielse, Heather Gallegos, Gautam, Michelle Golden, Marcel Goldstein, Phil Gott, Mark Gould, Charles H. Green, Greg, Lisa Guinn, Sudhir Hasbe, Gl Hoffman, PreSchool Hopeful, Dominique Hubart, Alan Hudson, Huey, Carl Isenburg, Jennifer, Jill, Timothy Johnson, Rami Kantari, Tim Khaner, David Kirk, Delaney Kirk, Alexander Kjerulf, Ed Kless, Ed Kless, Howard Krais, Greg Krauska, John Labbe, Dave Livingston, Stephanie Lunn, Carolyn Manning, Jim Markham, Andre (Redbeard) Mazerolle, Pat McGraw, Jim McHugh, Peggy McKee, Francine McKenna, Patrick J. McKenna, Merusavarni, Mike, Warren Miller, Maggie Milne, William Moon, Janet H. Moore, Karen Morath, Kobus Muller, Tom Nixon, Pd, Peggy, Robert M. Randall, Anne Reed, Lyman Reed, Steve Roesler, Sarah, Bryan I. Schwartz, Shamelle, Mark Shead, Steve Shu, Andrew Smith, Dan Smith, Srini, Alan Stevens, Terry, Kathleen OBrien Thompson, Todd, Tom, Tom “Bald Dog” Varjan, Penelope Trunk, Rick Turoczy, Peter Vajda, Marjorie Vincent, Ashutosh Wakankar, Ashutosh Wakankar, Ellen Weber, Susie Wee, Joerg Weisner, Ian Welsh, Mary Wynne-wynter, Mary Wynne-wynter, Liz Zitzow


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Timothy Johnson said:

My pleasure, David. You have a great blog, and you add much value to others through your insight and wisdom. Keep up the great work!!

posted on March 4, 2007

Nick Rice said:

David, keep up the great work. Your submissions to my Blog Carnivals have been big contributors.

posted on March 4, 2007

Delaney Kirk said:

Thanks for the wealth of information here. I’m teaching a class on Organizational Behavior and am trying to decide which of your audio or videocasts to point them to. They are all great!

posted on March 5, 2007

Brenda Glover said:

David. I just wanted to say that I really like your site and have referred many people to it, both for the practical information and the insights. I’ve also bought your books for friends and colleagues and have referred others to your books.

I know it takes alot of time for you to put together all of this. I, like many individuals no doubt, need to take the time to say so. Otherwise, you might feel sometimes like Martin Scorsese. Wouldn’t want you asking if someone would “check the envelope, please” Thanks. And, the Oscar goes to….

posted on March 9, 2007