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Goodbye summer

post # 179 — August 31, 2006 — a General post

I thought people were supposed to take vacations in August? Yet look below at all those who stayed around to join the fun during this past month.

(Don’t tell me they were using blackberries at the beach!)

Ta very much!

Yee’re greet, the lot of ye!


Stephanie West Allen, Antoine Henry De Frahan, Mark Baker, Deepa Balaji, Martin Bamford, Eric Boehme, Leo J. Bottary, Bob Brown, Bruce, Duncan Bucknell, James Bullock, Tim Burrows, Shawn Callahan, Jimmy Campbell, Charles, James Cherkoff, Todor Christov, John Clough, Colin, Tom Collins, Petri Darby, Bob Daugherty, Mike DeWitt, Dean, Stephen Downes, Francis M. Egenias, Eric, Raissa Evans, Steve Farber, Anna Farmery, Doug Fletcher, David Foster, Allan Freeman, Jordan Furlong, Michelle Golden, Brooks Gould, Mark Gould, Lisa Guinn, Jim Hayward, Ken Hedberg, Joseph Heyison, Dennis Howlett, David Jacobson, Eric C Jaffe, Jaylpea, Jennifer, David Koopmans, David Law, Ed Lee, Bruce Lewin, Karen Love, Tom Lowe, Ludwig, Andrew Lumsden, Tim MMF, Peter Macmillan, Greg Magnus, Stephen Marshall, Steve Matthews, Lex McCafferty, Jim McGee, Jeff Merrifield, Ann Michael, Cristian Mitreanu, Johnnie Moore, Matt Moore, Mike Myatt, Liz Nash, Steve Pearce, Bill Peper, John Eric Pollabauer, Gregory Price, RJON, Jeff Risley, Rolf Van Der Meer, Bill S, Kosol S., Shuchetana, Carl A. Singer, Brijinder Singh, Andrew Smith, Prashant Subhedar, Nut Suwapiromchot, Charles Tippett, Eric Tong, Fiona Torrance, Coert Visser, Dan W, Curt Wehrley, Ian Welsh, Fred Wiersma, Mott Williamson, Darren Woolley, Hyokon Zhiang



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Ellen Weber said:

Wow — that is quite a line-up david — makes me hope the sun hangs around a bit longer — so some of us can still squeeze summer in! Thanks for the link — and for the blogs! This is a great place to come for a break or to learn. Today — I am reminded here that golf still awaits… Nuff said:-) I am gone!

http://www.brainbasedbusiness.com>Brain Based Business

posted on August 31, 2006

Jennifer said:

I feel compelled to point out that some of us have just finished winter (and I for one, and quite happy about that!).

I’m enjoying the discussion on this blog – you’ve created quite a community.

posted on September 2, 2006

David (Maister) said:

Whoops! Sorry to all our “mates” and others in other hemispheres. Gives a whole new meaning to “a different perspective.”

posted on September 2, 2006

Deepa Balaji said:

Thank you David for creating such a wonderful community.

Your books have been a source of inspiration in my journey since starting my consulting business.

Now, I also look forward to reading your posts and of course to the great discussions around it.

posted on September 6, 2006