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BusinessWeek Editor speaks!

post # 248 — November 27, 2006 — a General, Managing post

John Byrne, Executive Editor of BusinessWeek Magazine, talks to me for 20 minutes about his career and the managerial lessons he has learned in a very special podcast available on my website.

After nearly two decades as the pre-eminent business and management journalist (and co-author of former GE-CEO Jack Welch’s book Straight from the Gut), Byrne made the transition to becoming the editor, first, of the magazine Fast Company, and then the print edition of BusinessWeek, overseeing 180 people.

His vantage point is unique, and as he observes, managing a knowledge-based enterprise like a magazine is only a little different (if at all) from managing a professional service business.

I found his remarks fascinating and I hope you will too.

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